Integrative Energetic Medicine

Integrative Energetic Medicine (IEM) is a comprehensive and integrative course of study in the healing fields of energy medicine led by Dr. Poulin. 


The program is offered for the first time in Italy and prepares  philosophically and technically in both hands on energetic healing with some energy coaching. This path provides an environment for people seeking ways to learn, live and generate a renewed relationship with the sacredness of healing. The participants develop, through a variety of psycho-spiritual practices, presence of compassion and authenticity. 



Module One Weekend Introduction (2 days)

Presence, vulnerability and the innocence of not knowing Meditation and spiritual practices History of Energy Medicine Introduction to Integrative Energetic Medicine (I.E.M.) Anatomy Of The Human Energy Field (HEF) The Chakra System and the Heart.


Module Two Weekend Training (2 days)

Presence, Awareness, Intuition, Symbology, Spiritual Contract, Assessment Technique practicum, Keen sense of the obvious, Spiritual Sight, Kinesiology, Scanning, Introduction to Chakra Deviations and Psycho-spiritual tendencies, Assessing and Charting Chakra Deviation, Corrections of the Distortions and Depletions, Spirit Attachment Removal, Field Offsets, Energetic Spinal Spikes, Trauma Fields. 


Module Three Weekend Training (3 days)

ISEH, The Lymphatic System, Clearing the Energetic Lymphatic Flow, Chelation, Energetic Chelation Technique, Resetting the Chakras, The Seven Rays, Spiritual Healing, Remote Healing.


All teachings are in english. I corsi sono inglese con traduzione in italiano.


Dr. Fernand Poulin is a dedicated healing professional, educator and spiritual leader.

An innovative thinker with thirty years of research and practice in

the field of Energy Medicine. Dr. Poulin brings a comprehensive

synthesis of physical, energetic and psycho-spiritual healing to

his students and patients.


Of Algonquin and Ojibwa ancestry, Dr. Poulin inherited his gift of

healing from French Canadian grand-parents who practiced

distant spiritual healing. At the age of 24, he experienced an

awakening in which he began to see colors and patterns of

energy around the human body. This life-changing event began

his journey into formal study with Native American Medicine

people, shamans, and spiritual healers from all parts of the world.

He received a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Philosophy of

Sacred Healing under the direction of Rosalyn Bruyere.


Dr. Poulin also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He is trained in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Applied

Kinesiology, Somato-Emotional Release Technique and Visceral Mobilization. Dr. Poulin is a Mesa carrier of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru. 


In addition to practicing the art and science of healing, lecturing, writing and directing WhiteWinds Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Poulin teaches, coaches and consults in Florence, Italy.